September 19, 2017

Security Testing

We offers an effective solution to manage our customer’s security risks and make it more reliable, efficient and safe. Our staff augmentation services also has resources with expertise in security testing services who can work for your unique business requirements.


  • Conduct web application security audit (aligned to OWASP standards) of their business critical applications
  • Vulnerability scanning – leveraging a tool for identifying inherent vulnerabilities in applications
  • Integrating security testing and risk analysis within the application life cycle
  • Extensive use of open source and licensed tools with ready to use jump start kits
  • Delivering these services in a catalogue pricing model of engagement


Key objectives :

  • Certification of releases/ patches as per security standards
  • Create a unified process and model for web application security testing and risk modelling
  • Create and upgrade a repository of re-use-able test artefacts
  • Leverage the jump-start kits for rapid time-to-market