August 15, 2015

ISTQB Foundation Extension Agile

ISTQB Foundation extension – Agile Testeristqb-agile

This two-day/ five evenings accredited course is a preparation for the ‘Extension Foundation – Agile Tester ” exam and meets the requirements as set by ISTQB.

The course covers the principles of agile software development and testing, differences from traditional testing, test methods, test techniques and tools used in an agile context. The exam takes place at the end of the second day. The Foundation certificate is a prerequisite to participate in the “ISTQB Foundation Extension – Agile Tester” exam.

Why participate?

The overall objective of this course is to increase knowledge in the field of software testing in an agile context.

Specific learning objectives:

  • Know the basic principles of agile software development
  • Write user stories
  • Understand how retrospectives are used to improve the process
  • Explain the differences between traditional and agile testing
  • Obtain an internationally recognized certificate in the field of agile testing
  • Know different agile testing methods
  • Determine Quality Risks
  • Estimate Test Effort
  • Select test techniques and apply them in an agile context
  • Understand the role and skills of a tester in an agile team


Target audience

Test analysts, test coordinators, test consultants, test managers and software developers who want to gain agile testing knowledge.


Basics of Agile Software Development

  • Agile manifesto
  • User stories
  • Retrospectives
  • Continuous integration
  • Release and iteration planning

 Agile test methods

  • Test Driven Development
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development
  • Behavior Driven Development
  • Test pyramid
  • Testing Quadrants
Differences “traditional” and agile

  • Test and development activities
  • Independent testing in agile
Quality Risks and Effort

  • Quality Risk determination
  • Test Effort determination
Testing in agile projects

  • Work products
  • Iteration testing
  • Test automation
Testing techniques in agile projects

  • Acceptance Criteria
  • ATDD test cases
  • Test cases for functional and non-functional aspects
  • Exploratory testing
Characteristics of the Agile Tester

  • Role
  • Skills
 Tools in agile projects

  •  Learn about available tooling.



You will receive the ISTQB Foundation Extension – Agile Tester certificate upon successful completion of the exam.istbq_certified tester

Course Outline

Agile testing is discussed from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Exercises and sharing student opinions have an important place in this course.

During the course a mock exam is practiced.