September 19, 2017

Functional Testing

We provide complete suite of manual and automated functional testing services, delivered throughout the Software Development Life Cycle.


Our Objective towards Functional Testing (Agile Process):

  • Emphasis on Individual interactions over Rigid Processes and Tools
  • Working Software over Voluminous Documentation
  • Customer Collaboration over Lengthy Contract Negotiation
  • Proactively Responding to Changes over Reactively Following a Set (Waterfall) Plan


Our Testing Approach:

  • Participate & Contribute in Scrum Meetings – To comprehensively test each business process requirement and user stories for each sprint
  • Parallel QA team & strategic overlap of time – for real time collaboration, increased productivity and significant cost benefits
  • Dedicated Test Lab/ Infrastructure – Comprehensive tool sets, Mobile devices, jump start kits, tele/video conference
  • Prepare, execute and assist in automating test scripts – use the latest Open Source and Commercial tools and frameworks
  • Emphasis on Test Traceability Matrix