September 19, 2017

Compatibility Testing

We can carry host of devices and testers who conduct compatibility testing (Manual & Automation) on a daily basis for various industry.


Testing on:

  • Versions of Operating Systems and Computer browsers
  • Combinations of Operating System and Computer browsers
  • Various Monitor, Screen, display resolutions
  • Many different types of Pad, Tablets, mobile devices
  • Various Gaming consoles and Televisions to function appropriately



  • Plan and Analyze client’s specific business and testing requirements
  • Prepare Test strategy and Test Plan
  • Allocate Resources
  • Priority for Operating System, Computer Browsers & Mobile Devices for compatibility Testing
  • Setup, install and maintain the application under test
  • Design or Re-use, Regression possible test scenarios and coverage measurements
  • Execute Tests on various platforms
  • Tracking and manage Defects
  • Automate testing if required


  • Defect reports with severity urgency and priority levels
  • Defect Analysis report


Selenium (WebDrivers), Webtesting, BrowserShots, Cross Browser Testing,  IETester, Browsera, SecurePlatform